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We are open and operating at regular business hours. As always, our first priority is to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible. We are adhering to local government COVID safety regulations as well as implementing our own safety protocols. Thank you for your support during this time of uncertainty, we hope to see you soon!
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San Diego's Largest Full Service discount camera store.

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George's Camera is San Diego's Largest Full Service camera store that offers our low-price guarantee. Locally owned and operated we have been serving San Diego since 1965. We have an incredible selection of photographic and video equipment and supplies, digital cameras and professional lighting. All George's Camera equipment carries an authorized USA manufactures warranty. We even rent most of the equipment we sell and offer a try before you buy program.

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George's has been the source for photographic, digital and video imaging equipment for over five decades. Voted #1 camera store in San Diego year after year for excellent customer service. Some of our clients include the San Diego Padres, Union Tribune, and many more. Join the George's Camera family today!

''George's Camera has the most courteous and knowledgeable sales associates.'' 
Phil McMahon, SD Union/Tribune

The Georges Crew


North Park's crew

I’m Ryan, Store Manager at North Park.  I developed my love of photography in 5th grade with my 1st camera, a Kodak instamatic 110, followed very quickly with printing in the darkroom in 7th grade. I'm avid Sony shooter.  My latest passion is time-lapse photography and astrophotography. My love of food has brought me to five continents where I've photographed lions on the savanna, caimans in the Amazon, and temples of Peru, Cambodia, and Thailand. When not on the go I'm often brewing beer.

Hello San Diego, Peter here! As Sales Manager of George's Camera historic North Park location, I have enjoyed focusing on providing our priceless customers with legendary customer service and unmatched photographic assistance. Whether I am teaching private photography or Lightroom lessons, assisting with finding the correct lighting accessories for your wedding shoot, or recommending the best 35mm film for your first film SLR experience, I enjoy all facets and levels of photography! Since 2000, my photographic journey has taken me all over beautiful San Diego for wedding and portrait shoots, as well as all over the globe for wildlife, landscape and leisure photography. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Hi, my name is Mark, and I've been shooting professionally since 1983.  Guess that makes me Georges elder salesman. I shot film my entire career and I'm glad to see it's making a resurgence. Digital had just started when I began at Georges, and it's been interesting to experience new stuff coming out all the time. I love teaching photo and seeing people light up when they “get it”. Come on in to the NP store and let’s talk photography. Hope to see you soon.

Hello!  I'm Jessica and I am a visual artist, with my main focus being painting, printmaking, and most recently, photography.  I was inspired to pursue photography by my late friend, Mark Andrew Gonzales - miss you, bro!  Having worked in several shops, labs, and galleries, I gained tons of experience in printing, photo finishing, and presentation.  I enjoy shooting film and have collected several vintage cameras over the years.  You can find me on the sales floor in our North Park store.  I love dogs so bring your dog in to say hello!

Hi, I'm Jair. I have been a proud member of George's Camera for 4 years, with over 10 years of digital, analog, portrait, commercial, and studio photography experience. Some of the equipment I master include Profoto, Gitzo, Nikon, Sigma, FujiFilm, Leica and Sony. Lately, on weekends, I have been traveling to destinations such as Yosemite, Sequoia, Northern California's redwoods, coastlines, and deserts capturing the majestic views and colors. On other days, I am at the local beaches catching some waves with my long board, or working on a new project. I enjoy taking my breaks at the local North Park coffee shops and am always happy to answer any of your photography questions, set you up with the right gear and hear back from you after your successful shoot.

- Jesse

Hello! My name is Nico and I absolutely love avocados. I have been doing sales at George's Camera since April of 2017. Outside of George's, I have been a freelance photographer since 2005. Being a sociable dude has made it natural for me to focus on primarily photographing people. I am grateful that through it, photography has granted me memorable experiences and has gotten me to travel to places that I would otherwise not have traveled to. Simply, there's my life before photography, and my life after it. The latter is definitely more documented...and has better color balance.

I'm Anthony and I work in the Lab at the North Park location. I love grain and hope you do, too. When I'm not lugging around a film camera looking for cool light, I play guitar and have a vintage BMW that keeps me busy.

When I was a kid, my mom would give me disposable film cameras to play with.  From there, my fascination grew into a passion. I still have boxes filled with negatives I shot when I was just five years old! Now, I am the Lab Manager at George's Camera. I love shooting with all sorts of vintage film cameras from Minox to 4x5 and everything in-between. When I'm not at the shop, you can find me traveling the world, hanging out with my pets Maverick and Goose, or racing cars at autocross. 

I'm Kiera. I was born and raised in San Diego, and began with photography at City College. Since then, I have come to George's for my supplies. I am happy to now be a technician in the lab, assisting today's students and San Diego residents with their photographs. I enjoy working with film and am pleased that George's has one of the only fully operational film labs in town!

kearny Mesa's Crew

Hey I’m Linda! Sales Manager of GC KM/Storyteller Problem SolverGear + Tech Junkie/NEW MAMA! Born and raised San Diegan, UCSD Alumni with 15+ yrs in the camera world. My love of capturing life started with a Canon AE-1 and has now expanded to all the cameras of the rainbow. Always love a challenge so if you have any questions, need help deciding, want to share photos, nerd out or share baby advice with me! Drop on by, lets chat and let the laughs begin!

Hi, I am Larry McDaniel.  After a couple years of stringing for news and periodicals, I launched a 30-year adventure in an area of my passion...commercial advertising, product, and industrial photography. I attribute my studio and lighting skill to the mentoring of a couple “old school” masters, drawing and sculpting, and a desire to cause the light to reveal the best image. I had the privilege of creating images for clients such as Teledyne, Taylor Golf, Sharp Reprographics, Farberware, Red Lion, and others.Currently, I promote the photographic arts as a sales associate and Educational Coordinator for Georges Camera.  I’m also a member of several High School and College CTE Advisory Boards, a BSA Photo Merit Badge Councilor, and a photo imaging instructor.  I hope to see you in the store or better yet…see you in class!

Trevor here.  I have over 20 years of experience in the photography business, starting at Ritz Camera, then North County Camera and Calumet, and now at George’s for 4 years.  I’ve been able to see the photography industry radically change from film to digital and enjoy helping customers with both.  Helping customers find the right camera for what type of photography they want to do is what I do best.  I have been a photographer for weddings, concerts, sporting events and other business events. For my personal interest photography, you will see me shooting a Leica. When I’m not at George’s, you might find me at local wineries with my family and shooting the wine making process.

Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Vincent Vega Fuentebella. Many people know me as Vincent Vega. If you know me from social media, you may know me as @theSLRtist. Hopefully you can get to know me and just call me Vincent. I’ve been taking pictures since I’ve worked at Ritz Camera, but I didn’t embrace photography until I started working at George’s Camera. From working with George’s I’ve grown so much. I’ve learned that our job isn’t to sell cameras, but it’s to make photographers. I hope that I can share my passion with you.

I’m BJ, but my friends and family call me Beej - and I consider everyone friends and family at George’s.  I have a music composition/recording and graphic design background which led to video production. Photography was a natural progression for me in producing product-marketing collateral, which was my latest venture. I take great pride in helping others and I hope to share my knowledge so others can attain their photography goals via George’s Camera.  I am an avid animal lover fostering about 1200 pups, kittens, guinea pigs and mice over 7 years.  I enjoy cooking, writing music, my 69 Chevelle, my dog Ralphie, and my Nikon D7200 - coming soon - Sony A7iii.  Hope to meet ya at George’s!

Hi guys! My name is Willow and I'm a sales associate at George's Camera.  When I was a kid, my mom would give me disposable film cameras to play with.  From there, my fascination grew into a passion. I still have boxes filled with film strips I shot when I was just five years old!  Now, I'm a photography and graphic design major in college.  I love collecting and shooting with all sorts of vintage film cameras.  When I'm not at the shop, you can find me traveling the world, taking a nap with my pup Maverick, or working in my college's dark room.  I love shooting landscapes, small weddings, and portraits of my friends.  If I'm shooting digital, you can bet I'll be using my Canon 5DIV; but if I'm shooting film I'll be with my Leica M3 and my favorite Canon AE-1.

Hello!  I'm David, a sales associate at George's Camera in Kearny Mesa.  I love selling photographic equipment, and I've been blessed to do just that for the last forty years.  I worked as a photojournalist in Aspen Colorado, as well as a freelance and fine arts photographer from 1977 to 2009.  I also managed two different camera stores during that period.  The bulk of my work was done with film cameras, but I've embraced digital photography, and I currently use a Sony RX100V.  I love playing at the beach, taking long hikes, scuba diving, and travelling.  I have three adorable grandsons living in La Jolla which are the love of my life.  My current passion is landscape and cityscape photography using the Sony A7RIII and a Zeiss 18mm lens.  Please stop in and we'll play with the newest state of the art equipment and find what's just right for you.  Have fun and keep clicking!  "Photography is a love affair with life."

Hi, I'm Jim.  I've been the Rental Manager at George's Camera for the last 4 joyous years.  I was originally born and raised in the beautiful city of Chicago and then relocated to San Diego about 11 years ago.  I'm kind of a healthy food smoothie freak hippie scissors kicking in the gizzard kind of guy that loves to eat out of mason jars.  In 1974, I bought my very first camera, a Pentax K1000, and I still have it to this day.  My days of Portrait, Wedding and Commercial photo has past, and I now enjoy fun photography pets and scenery and all the beauty around me.

Hi it’s Patrick.  I’ve been in the photo industry since 1997 and at Georges since 2009.   You can find me in rentals, repairs, or sales.  My photography talents include shooting weddings and family portraits.  Outside of work you’ll find me raising two kids and hanging out with family and friends.

Hey there!  I’m Daniel and work in the rental department and in sales part time.  Why only part time?  Well, because I also travel a lot to shoot weddings all over the country and parts of Mexico.  I’m currently shooting Sony after switching from Canon last year, but I like all cameras.  I also do a lot of video, as I come from a DP/AC background from when I used to live and work in NYC.  I’m a pretty big geek when it comes to electronics or cameras and I love solving problems when they pop up.  Oh, and Jim thinks that I can fix anything which is great - but also my wife thinks that I can’t use a hammer.  Lastly, I’m a dad of a beautiful baby girl who is running around and having me chase her all over the place, we have a ton of fun.

Hey I'm Cat, and I love to use photography as a way to connect with others and create pieces of art and memories! I gathered a whopping $400 at 16 years old to buy an Olympus camera from eBay because the idea of taking photos was so cool to me. Since then my camera gear has been upgraded and my love for photography has stayed the same. I hope that we can extend our excitement for photography in you as well. Peace!

Hello all! My name is Thomas and I’m the marketing manager at George’s Camera. I’m in charge of getting our brand out there as well as keeping our customers in the loop with the best deals and the newest camera-tech. I also try to keep you updated on the classes and events that are going on at the stores. My hobbies include hiking, nature, and generally being outside although the time I have to dedicate to those activities continually decreases as my family continues to grow. I shoot with a Sony A7R and I mainly take photos of my family and nature. Here at George’s Camera, we are proud to be serving the San Diego photographic community! We hope to see you soon!